Defiant Girl (The Season #4)

by Sam Hall

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[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 18 Jun 2022

Defiant Girl by Sam Hall
This is a continuation of Kit and Tris' story, as started in Bad Girl

I've been betrayed by my own family, but that's OK, I've created my own to replace them. Tris, Len, Jackson and even the mysterious James, they're mine now and no one is going to break us apart.

My brother is trying to blackmail my family anonymously using a video of me. My father wants me mated to James no matter what. The powerful Chadwick family wants their beloved grandson mated to a suitable girl and they think that might be me. And no one wants what I have with my pack to endure.

Beforehand I was a bad girl, committing petty little social crimes at the edges of my family's sphere of influence, but the time for childish games is over. If I'm to keep the pack I know Tris and I need, I'm need to rise up and show I'm just as prepared to deploy all the power I've gathered to keep them safe.

No matter what it takes.

Read Defiant Girl, which will be the culmination of Kit and Tris' story, but not the end of The Season series.
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