Reckless Souls by Sandra Clark

Reckless Souls

by Sandra Clark

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Reckless Souls by Sandra Clark

Reese Tate has been living a double life, spending her spare time punishing the guilty who got off scot-free. But when her dark past comes back with a vengeance, she’ll have to put her trust in those she hoped to destroy if she has any hope of surviving. That means trying her best not to piss off the lucky man charged with bending her to the pit’s will.

Carter Adams hates his life. If it weren’t for a promise he made to protect his brother, he’d have left a long time ago. Regardless of the consequences. His promise became more difficult to keep when she was brought back. Wherever she goes, trouble seems to follow, and as much as he resists, Carter finds himself wanting to protect her from the evils of this Hell hole, too.

Trapped together, they walk the delicate line between hate and lust. One wrong move will get someone killed.

Author's note: This book contains mature themes and content. A full list of CW can be found in book's front matter after title page. Reader discretion is advised.

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