Champion of Dusk & Dawn by Megan Derr

Champion of Dusk & Dawn (Champions #2)

by Megan Derr

5.00 ·
[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 20 Jun 2022

Champion of Dusk & Dawn by Megan Derr
Immediately after winning his spurs, Leonine is sent on a quest: track down the person or persons who assassinated the late king, and bring them back—dead or alive. Still exhausted from helping his former master win a vital championship, and reeling from being discarded by his lovers, all Leonine wants is a chance to catch his breath.

Instead he is met with foul weather, brigands, and the very last two people in the world that he wants to see: Everard and Odilia, the lovers who discarded him, who decided he wasn't worth the trouble. Just like everyone else in Leonine's life.

His vows as a knight require that he see them to safety, however, even as he continues his dangerous quest. Surrounded on all sides with challenges, Leonine isn't certain what will break him first: the killers or the broken heart.
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