Icarus and Apollo by Jay Bell

Icarus and Apollo

by Jay Bell

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Icarus and Apollo by Jay Bell
For his entire life, Icarus has been told that he’s destined for greatness, although he would settle for finding a lover that held his interest. Only when he learns of his special connection to the sun god Apollo does Icarus set his sights on the heavens. Infatuated, he does everything in his power to attract the handsome deity’s attention. This quest is complicated when the sins of his father incur the king’s wrath. To save his family, Icarus must take flight, but will the Fates show mercy and guide him into the arms of the divine love that he so desperately seeks?

Jay Bell weaves a passionate retelling of the classic myth of Icarus, adding a gay twist that reveals what truly happens when a brave heart dares to fly too high.
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