Young, Rich, N$ggas 2: Thugs Need Love Too

Bianca Marie

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Young, Rich, N$ggas 2: Thugs Need Love Too by Bianca Marie
***This is a Re-Release***
In the second installment, things have taken a turn for the worse. Aspen and Gangsta
lives hang in the balance. Survival is the only option and getting revenge on the ones that hurt
them means the most to gangsta riught now. His love for aspen hasn’t wavered but with one
enemy you knock down ten more come back. To live the life gangsta and aspen want they have
to weed out the enemies.
Asia finds herself in a world of trouble when shew does the unthinkable. Depression is
brought on and trill is trying to be by her side one step at a time. But what happens when Asia
makes another mistake that she soon regrets. Her love for Trill is strong. But how strong is it?
She doesn’t know how to show her true emotions and let herself be his altogether. Being distant
will cause a rift in their relationship.
In this installment you will get a look into the life of Aruba, the middle sister, but they
most private about her life, after leaving the massage parlor, she started her career as a
correctional officer for the cook county jail, that’s where she meets Donnie Beaumont. better
known as Chaos. He turned her world upside down. She isn’t ready for his wrath and in the end,
Aruba is left holding the smoking gun.
Chaos is a man on a mission. Being released from jail, he had so much going on in the
streets he dived head first back into them. After meeting Aruba, he didn’t think it would go far.
Thinking strictly about sex, he never thought his feelings would go that far. He’s falling for
Aruba but he’s also in a situation that could be detrimental to the both of them.
Find out in this explosive part two all the drama that follows these couples, and is the
saying true that love will conquer anything?
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