Walk to You (The Walking Saga #1)

by Rachel R. Martin

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[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 04 Jul 2022

Walk to You by Rachel R. Martin
Beacon, South Dakota

Cyrus Owens has barely settled in the small town when a package arrives from the state's representative. Not your typical state rep, though. No, this office was reserved just for folks like Cyrus and his two cousins: Liam and Taylor. Each relocation called for new documentation for the Owens clan. A subtle, yet powerful, reminder that there were strict rules and regulations for their kind.

When Austyn Marks met Victor Bradford, she thought she’d found the man of her dreams. It didn’t matter that her best friend, Willa Lankens, and her parents all had serious reservations about him. Unfortunately for Austyn, she finds out just how wrong she'd been about him… and the realization comes at a high price.

Liam Owens might be an ass in a police uniform, but when Austyn goes missing, Willa turns to him for help. Liam knows that his older cousin might be the only one able to find her. Cyrus possesses a special ability, something their kind calls Walking, but using his power is difficult and could even be dangerous for him. Regardless of that, Cyrus wants to try… for Austyn; a person he knows very little about except that she was in danger.

It's a decision that will change their lives forever. The more their paths become entangled, the more secrets come to light, making them all question everything they thought they knew.
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