Flight 444 (The Syd Brixton TimeBlink Series #2)

by MJ Mumford

5.00 ·
[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 07 Jul 2022

Flight 444 by MJ Mumford
She accidentally time traveled with a killer. Now, she may never hold her son in her arms again.

Syd Brixton can timeblink.

So when she and her sister are trapped on a crashing plane, Syd doesn’t hesitate to use the power to transport them both back in time five years.

But things get complicated when they arrive in 2019 and discover three strangers have inadvertently hitched a ride, one of them with a dark and deadly past.

It wouldn’t be a problem if Syd could timeblink everyone back to the present, back to anywhere but a looming air disaster.

Unfortunately, timeblinking doesn’t work like that.

It comes with its own set of rules—and those rules make the group’s return to their present just as dangerous as if they had stayed on the doomed plane.

Syd has not chosen this date randomly, though. Her son’s father, Morley, is still alive in 2019 and the only person on the planet who can help her get back to where their little boy is waiting.

But when two of the passengers go missing—one a known murderer—the entire group’s return to the present is threatened. And now, even Morley may not be able to prevent them from being stuck in the past . . . separated from their loved ones forever.
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