The Calm Before the Storm (The Bridge Kingdom #3.5)

by Danielle L. Jensen

4.35 ·
Open door [?] · 13 ratings · Published: 19 Jul 2022

The Calm Before the Storm by Danielle L. Jensen
Set in the world of The Bridge Kingdom series, The Calm Before the Storm is six chapters of extra content that take place after the events of The Traitor Queen and The Inadequate Heir.

Ithicana has been liberated from the Maridrinians, but not everyone holds peace in their hearts. Revered by some as a savior and despised by others as a curse upon the kingdom, Lara must navigate treacherous waters as she resumes rule alongside her husband, Aren. Her only certainty is the bond between them, but long overdue conversations will put the strength of their marriage to the test. They must decide what their future will hold, all while dark clouds gather in the south. A storm that no nation, not even the Bridge Kingdom, will escape unscathed.
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