Her Radiant Love by Meagan C. Matthew

Her Radiant Love

by Meagan C. Matthew

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Her Radiant Love by Meagan C. Matthew
Savannah: Ten years ago, he became my everything. I thought I had everything I needed. I thought that we couldn’t break, then we did break; and I ran. Over the last six years I've found myself, mentally and emotionally. But there's still something missing, someone missing, and I can’t fill his void. I have to convince him that this time I’m ready to stay, this time I’m not giving up or running away. But first I need him to forgive me. Is it too late?

Logan: Savannah was my life. We had it all and only saw a future full of hope. Six years later, I’m a self-proclaimed bachelor, living life in a place I had to rediscover myself in. I finally have a grip on life and am moving on. That is until she shows up, like the ghost of a lifetime past. She’s determined to insert herself back into my life. Now we have to decide if there’s a future for us, and if we can forgive and forget?
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