The Cabin on Willow Lake by A.J. Rivers

The Cabin on Willow Lake (Ava James FBI Mystery #4)

by A.J. Rivers

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The Cabin on Willow Lake by A.J. Rivers
How did everything go so wrong...?
A much-needed getaway for agent Ava James takes an unexpected and gruesome turn, as a friendly encounter leads to a fatal end.

A week at a cabin on willow lake. A relaxing and picturesque getaway to escape from all the stressors of work.
But like most things in life, not everything will go according to plan.

After a nice dinner at the Willow Lake Resort, Ava decided that a nice evening stroll by the lake to the waterfalls would be exactly what she needed. As she relished in the feeling of peace and tranquility, she sees someone at the bottom of the steep little trail. Making her way down, she realizes that the woman looks to be passed out, and her face slightly familiar. Even more unsettling is when she gets there, Ava realizes that the woman’s head is bashed in, and she’s not alive. As Ava struggles back up the slippery dirt and rock trail, she rushes to alert the authorities and the staff at the resort.

Only to come back to the waterfalls and find that the body and crime scene she found has vanished.
As the puzzled FBI agent Ava James composes herself, she realizes that the familiar face was of a woman she just met.
As the search for a missing body using a possible alias grows to a dead-end.
Ava realizes that even on a getaway, there is no escaping one’s reality.
There are lies, deception, and a not so simple affairs of the hearts.

At the Willow Lake Resort, tranquil escape may come with more than you bargained for.
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