Freaky Crypts (Mystic Caravan Mystery #14)

by Amanda M. Lee

4.83 ·
[?] · 6 ratings · Published: 31 Jul 2022

Freaky Crypts by Amanda M. Lee
Poet Parker thought her past was lost to her…but it’s about to invade her present.
Her uncle Sidney is in New Orleans, which just happens to be where Mystic Caravan is setting up shop for the week, but Poet isn’t expecting a happy reunion. Things are tense—to say the least—and that’s before zombies are reported in the French Quarter.
New Orleans is one of Poet’s favorite places in the world, and she’s thrilled to be in the city, but when it becomes apparent that a war is brewing between powerful loas, the Big Easy becomes big trouble.
Poet has always been interested in her origins, and she’s about to get the answers she’s always sought. It seems one of the warring loas knows what she is and why she can wield such powerful magic…but he’s only willing to share for a price.
Poet has always believed that fighting a war of someone else’s making was a mistake. Now she has no choice because if she doesn’t fight, everybody will die.
Zombies are taking over the Quarter. Loas are fighting their own. Poet’s heart is vulnerable thanks to the return of the one family member she remembers.
Blood will spill. Whoever is left standing will have the ultimate answers. Poet just hopes it will be her.
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