Roommates by April Gaisford


by April Gaisford

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Roommates by April Gaisford


My life is great. I love the bar I work at. I have the two most amazing roommates in the world. We’ve been together since high school. Is everything perfect? No, but that’s what makes it so great. Now, if only this large biker would stop ordering drinks with obscene names. Maybe I can get the hot guy at the end of the bar to order one instead. He intrigues me in ways I can’t quite describe. I want to know him. I also want to sit on his face…


My life is awful right now. I don’t think it could honestly get any worse. I suppose it could rain. That would probably be worse. At least no one is kicking me out of this bar. The manager is smoking hot. I’ve been hanging around this bar long enough to know she is amazing. I’ve also been around long enough that someone will notice soon. I really need to find a place to go other than this bar.

Roommates is a queer harem romance. It contains content that is appropriate for 18+. There are kinks, alcohol and drug consumption, mild violence, and language.

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