Addicted Sex Fiend 2 by Tray Real

Addicted Sex Fiend 2

by Tray Real

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Addicted Sex Fiend 2 by Tray Real
I’m still locked up and fighting for my life and my freedom. Come and experience all of what a sex fiend goes through, even while imprisoned. Especially when the backlash from your addiction has you sitting behind bars still fiending. There is a lot that will be unveiled during my traumatic experience in prison. So many people cannot be trusted. Not even my children. You could never understand the mind of an addict unless you were addicted. Sex was my drug of choice. It was euphoric! It allowed me to believe that I was invincible until I awoke and realized that prison didn’t have me shackled, and murder wasn’t the end. No matter who I loved, the only love that really mattered at the end of any given day was self-love. Come roll with me on my sex-capades and find out what goes through the mind of a sex fiend addict.
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