Frayed Trust by Olivia Lewin

Frayed Trust (Frayed #1)

by Olivia Lewin

4.25 ·
[?] · 4 ratings · Published: 20 Aug 2022

Frayed Trust by Olivia Lewin
I’m a hidden Omega with murderous impulses…

Can you blame me? With my designation it’s kill or be killed, or worse. Just ask my sister.

After the Sanctuary thrust her into the arms of a monster, I swore I’d never follow in her footsteps. Not when I revealed five years ago, and not now. I’d make it alone. No Sanctuary. No Alphas. No plan.

I didn’t really think it through.

Even if I don’t need an Alpha to take care of me, my body does. And I’m running out of time to find one of my choice. With my heats getting closer to lethal every month and a vampire kingpin who knows my identity, my only hope are the mysterious strangers investigating my long string of murders.

Shan, the bland angel with a penchant for the rules (and making me follow them). Caspian, an incubus-fae hybrid who’s equal parts sensual and vulnerable. Em, the team’s muscle who’s inexplicably absent from the investigation.

Add in my sassy, cursed feline familiar and we have ourselves a party. And the best heat of my life, if I can bring myself to trust them with my secrets. But can I repair my frayed trust before it’s too late?

Frayed Trust is the first book in a reverse harem trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. There is plentiful m/m content throughout, and poly themes! Please make sure you check the trigger warnings.
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