Vicious Souls (Saints Academy #3)

K.C. Kean

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Vicious Souls by K.C. Kean
They say the Gods don’t give you more than you can handle, which is probably why I’m sinking in drama. As a God myself, I guess I’m not included in that little speech. But it’s about time they address me as who I am.


WIth my intentions questioned, and my battle far from over, the list of my enemies continues to grow. The Hex, Zellus, and what seems like the entire supernatural world. But I don’t stand alone, despite their efforts.

Xander, Adonis, Zen, and Khaos. We are an unbreakable unit, forged in fire and sealed all the way down to our souls. I am theirs and they are mine.

My shifter. My demon. My angel. My vampire.

I may no longer be an earthling, but it’s clear I have traded one prison for another with Saints Academy. What they have yet to realize is I cannot be caged, and I will never stop fighting - for myself, my unit, or our freedom.

Worthy or not.

Vicious Souls is book three in the four book series, Saints Academy.
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