Blossom and Bone

by Mary E Jung

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Blossom and Bone by Mary E Jung
Experience true love, and discover hidden heart desires, but beware of the allure of illusion.

It All Begins With The Magic Of A Seed

Amé is a vegetation witch with a knack for soil cultivation and plant genetics. In her lab, she develops flower mates, a sentient humanoid plant that mimics true love. Amé is a dreamer and finds it difficult to say no, even when common sense dictates she should. After her life's work is stolen, she must go on a quest to recover her magic seeds. But that's not all. With lives on the line, Amé must wrestle with her relentless need to see the good in everyone and learn to fight back for what is truly right.
Xephriel is a bone witch with a magic condition that causes empathic dissonance. He hides in his house of bones to avoid the world and other people's emotions. He's so worried about keeping people at a distance that he doesn't know how to be intimate. It's torture because one touch might mean his death. Now, he's been forced into proximity with his crush to clear her name of murder. With legends revealed and love on the line, Xephriel is put through the ultimate test of valor. Can he overcome his affliction, or is he doomed to lurk in the shadows forever?

*Note This version contains bonus materials and interior illustrations*
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