The Lights of Home by Donna Poole, Liz Donoghue, Kimberlee Kiefer

The Lights of Home

by Donna Poole, Liz Donoghue, Kimberlee Kiefer

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The Lights of Home by Donna Poole, Liz Donoghue, Kimberlee Kiefer
With an animal-like growl the man sprang from the shadows, yanked the young woman’s head back by her hair, and held a knife to her throat.

This was an evil Pastor J.D. and Trish knew nothing about. But it would soon shatter their world.

When evil stalks good and darkness threatens to snuff out light, which will win? Or must both lose?

Christian romance thriller delves into what happens when darkness threatens the light at Corners Church, the warm country church many readers have come to know and love.

In book three of the
Life at the Corners series Pastor J.D. and his fiancée, Trish, are planning their wedding. Living in this beautiful, remote setting in Hillsdale County in southern Michigan, surrounded by people who love them, what could possibly go wrong?

The better question is, will anything ever go right again? And will J.D. and Trish survive the psychotic evil headed their way?
Trish and J.D.’s story is our story. As they fight to hold onto light, we hope they win. Perhaps if they find a way out of darkness, we can too.

Praise for the Life at the Corners Series:

David P.: "I have read many compelling stories throughout my life. The truly great ones draw you into the story almost as if you were one of the characters. Donna Poole has more than accomplished that quality of writing."

Domers13: "I admit, this is not the type of book that I usually read. I didn’t know if I would like it or not.
That uncertainty was gone almost as soon as I started reading it. I laughed, I cried, and I was envious of the lives the main characters had. Read this wonderful book. You won’t be disappointed!"

Karen H.: "Be ready to have your heart yanked back and forth from laughter to crying to holding your breath as to what will be next. . . . You really can’t guess! A wonderful country setting you will cherish and read over again. Waiting for the next one. . . ."

Life at the Corners Series

#1: Corners Church
#2: If the Creek Don’t Rise
#3: The Lights of Home
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