Snowed In with the Player (Holiday with the Players #1)

Rebecca Jenshak

Rated: 3.70 of 5 stars
3.70 · Steam/Spice level: 3 of 5
Open door [?] · 21 ratings · Published: 25 Oct 2022

Snowed In with the Player by Rebecca Jenshak
It was supposed to be a weekend of holiday cheer.
Just me and my twin sister, watching Christmas movies and baking cookies.
My brother was absolutely not supposed to show up with half the football team.
Including Teddy. My brother’s best friend and my secret crush.
I’m the shy sister. The one with her nose stuck in a book and quoting every word of Elf, not the one getting attention from guys like Teddy.
He’s cool and smart and so handsome I could die.
The only thing that could make things worse is if I got snowed in with him.

Rated '3/5 - Open door' for steam/spice/heat level.
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