Knot Your Damn Omega (Slate City Omegaverse #1)

Devyn Sinclair

4.06 ·
Explicit and plentiful [?] · 51 ratings · Published: 27 Sep 2022

Knot Your Damn Omega by Devyn Sinclair
She’s famous, beautiful, and the one Omega who’s name everyone knows. She’s my twin sister. Everyone wants her, and no one wants me.

Being the twin of a movie star isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Eva is glamorous and sweet, and everything I’m not. Believe me, every person in my life has made that crystal clear. The press calls me the Ice Queen, leaving pack after pack broken in my wake.

I wish it were true.

All I’ve ever wanted was a pack—to be loved and cherished the way an Omega was meant to be—but now I’ve given up hope. Every group I meet wants a copy of my sister. Let’s not even mention the ones who called me by her name.

That was before I ran into an Alpha whose scent made me climb him like a tree. And his pack, who smells like heaven, makes me perfume, and claims they want to make me theirs. I want to believe love like this exists, yet the past has taught me it’s too good to be true.

I want to be able to tell the world I’m taken. To scream I’m knot your damn Omega…I’m theirs. But first, I have to believe it myself.
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