Vampire's Secret (Immortal Protector #2)

Stephanie Flynn

4.50 ·
Explicit open door [?] · 2 ratings · Published: 27 Oct 2022

Vampire's Secret by Stephanie Flynn
I'd rather spend all day in bed with my vampire boyfriend who has serious endurance, but I have a new partner to meet and a family meeting with Dad, who betrayed me with his medical research. Except my new partner is the last person I expected—wholly unqualified, I might add, and when Oliver's right about my safety, I told you so, doesn't even come close to how much pain he causes me.

A vampire paramedic? I'm probably not the first. Since Daisy's life has been a series of close calls, becoming her new EMS partner is an easy choice. When my suspicions are confirmed, another vampire is on the loose, old enemies and new betrayals tear us apart. The only way to keep Daisy safe is to stay away from her. If the pain of leaving her doesn't kill me, then the secret of what her dad did to me will.

A steamy urban fantasy romance series featuring a charismatic, rich, smoking hot bad boy with a heart of gold, the woman he protects from his mortal enemies, who has secrets of her own, and a gritty hidden world of feuding vampires, witches, and elves in small town Marinette, Wisconsin. Perfect for fans of angsty supernatural soap operas!

Vampire's Deception is the first book of the Immortal Protector series. Oliver and Daisy's story continues in Vampire's Secret (book 2) and concludes in Vampire's Promise (book 3). Each book has an HFN and the HEA is at the end of the trilogy.

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