Unconditional Death by Brandy Johnson

Unconditional Death

by Brandy Johnson

3.00 ·
[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 31 Oct 2022

Unconditional Death by Brandy Johnson

Everyone thinks that all serial killers are monsters. But what if all someone needs is to find their true love to stop the urge to kill.

Devon Walker is an unassuming young man. His first kill was technically an accident but it awoke urges in him. The love of his mother helped him to suppress those thoughts that ran through his mind. When he loses her, he has no reason not to kill. Until Theo Brooks walks into his life. Theo awakens a different part of Devon. A part that wants to be a good person. But no relationship is perfect. As the couple starts to have problems, Devon relies on old habits to calm him. How would Theo react to finding out he’s in love with a monster? Devon finds out and the answer turns his world upside down.

Content warnings:
This book contains depictions of murder.
This book contains descriptions of a sexual relationship between a committed couple.

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