Power (Blurred Lines)

Cassandra Robbins

Rated: 3.52 of 5 stars
3.52 · Steam/Spice level: 5 of 5
Explicit and plentiful [?] · 47 ratings · Published: 04 Nov 2022

Power (Blurred Lines) by Cassandra Robbins
From USA Today bestselling author Cassandra Robbins comes her most forbidden romance to date. An explosive age-gap, complete stand-alone love story about infamous attorney Jett Powers and the woman who brings him to his knees.

Jett Powers is brilliant, nasty, and forbidden.

He takes what he wants, has no regrets, and makes no excuses.

Not to mention he’s tall, dark, and irresistible.

From our first secret encounter, I’m addicted.

He’s the last man that should be making my stomach flip, and heart pound.

Unfortunately, my mind and body are not in sync.

Because Mr. Powers is not mine.

He can’t be.

He’s my mother’s fiancé.
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