My Russian Salvation: Age Gap Second Chance Romance by Sonja Grey

My Russian Salvation: Age Gap Second Chance Romance (Russian Boxing Club #3)

by Sonja Grey

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My Russian Salvation: Age Gap Second Chance Romance by Sonja Grey
This isn’t about rekindling an old flame.
This is about vengeance, plain and simple.

The last time I saw her, she turned down my marriage proposal.
Now she’s in desperate need of my help.
I thought I’d put the past behind me,
but seeing her again is bringing back everything I’ve worked so hard to bury.
I’m no longer the man she thinks I am.
I’ve become the man I had to so I could survive in this world without her and make my fortune.
I can bring Nadia into my house and help her without letting her get to me again.
After all, this is all about humiliating her father, the head of the Vasiliev Bratva.
A simple transaction and nothing more.

The last time I saw him, he was down on one knee, and I was breaking both our hearts with the one word he didn’t want to hear and that I was forced to say.
The last six years have been absolute hell for me.
Memories of Vadim were the only thing to get me through it.
But the man I knew is gone
This Vadim is hard-edged and indifferent, covered in tattoos under his fancy suits, and an ice-cold stare that makes it clear he cares nothing about me.
Turns out the man who’s supposed to be keeping me safe is the very one who could be my undoing.

CW: suicide attempt—please see note at beginning of novel

My Russian Salvation is a very steamy, second chance, age gap romance. This is the third book in the Russian Boxing Club series, an interconnected series that can be read as standalones, but it’s more enjoyable if you read them in order. No cliffhangers, no cheating, and an HEA is always guaranteed!
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