Piece of Cake by Aubrey Rose

Piece of Cake (Bring Up the Heat #5)

by Aubrey Rose

4.00 ·
[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 08 Nov 2022

Piece of Cake by Aubrey Rose

Colby's a gardener.
He works with his hands.
And never his heart.
No matter who the girl is...
But when some city-slicker, wedding planner shows up...
He can't help himself.


Jonelle is a failure... or so she thinks.
But she can't control everything or everyone.
No matter how hard she tries.
And when the event was had planned goes off the rails...
She struggles to remain composed.
And instead looks for something to occupy her time...
To get her thoughts out of her own head.

Can Jonelle let go enough for the both of them?
And what happens when reality eventually sets back in?
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