I Love to Hate My Alien Rock Star: A Sci Fi Alien Fated Mate Romance (Mated to the Geobros #2)

by Kiki Moon, Kyra Keys

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[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 12 Nov 2022

I Love to Hate My Alien Rock Star: A Sci Fi Alien Fated Mate Romance by Kiki Moon, Kyra Keys
I pine for the huge…. If only the alien attached to it wasn’t some hopeless romantic who is too good for this universe.

Love at first sight? It doesn’t exist. Even if the enormous stone alien rock star declared it the moment, he saw me. I am a scientist. I know better than that.
Claye makes me question it, though. Maybe it has something about the way follows me around like a puppy dog trying to help… even though it’s annoying. Or those beautiful words that send tingles down my spine, promising a life.

I am not worthy of someone like Claye. The alien is too good to be true with all those foot massages and romantic gestures. He might be innocent, but he knows how to be a lover. It probably has something to do with all those human x romance books he reads or love songs he writes.

Whatever it is, I am desperate for him. I yearn for his large, masterful fingers on my body. Ache to feel myself squirm under that huge rock… I know will split me apart. Jeez, I would burn this planet down to hear him tell me I am being good.

But no matter how much I beg, Claye won’t touch me. Because once I am marked, I am his even if I don’t love him back. And if anyone deserves to be loved it’s Claye.

Disclaimer: The Interplanetary Unity Council takes no responsibility for any of the alien smut found in this multi-author short novella collaboration. Not recommended for youth who have not reached legal adulthood on their home planet.
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