Blood Witch (Phases of the Moon #2)

by M. Sinclair

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[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 22 Nov 2022

Blood Witch by M. Sinclair
My heart beat only for these men.

Any defenses that I had against these men were falling now that they knew the truth about my past—about the darkness that resided under my very skin.

After a ritual gone wrong, I find myself even more connected to them than before and embracing the intensity of what was growing between us and the strength it provided me with. Something I was going to need because the academy was becoming a very dangerous place.

When suspicion falls on me for the danger infecting the sector, I start to realize that my time at the academy may be short-lived and that this ‘fresh’ start I was hoping for could be a failed experiment.

Blood Witch features characters that are all 18+. This is not a high school academy book, and the contents are intended for mature audiences. This book includes violence, mature content, PTSD, flashbacks of abuse, and sex. There is no bullying from the harem, just psychotic men trying to claim their girl.

Blood Witch is book two in the Phases of the Moon series, which is set within the shared universe of Dark Imaginarium Academy. All series can be read independently, but characters have crossovers and it is highly encouraged to read all within the universe to understand the world in its entirety.
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