Saving Breely by Elle James

Saving Breely (Brotherhood Protectors Yellowstone #5)

by Elle James

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Saving Breely by Elle James
The Protector

Former Air Force Parajumper, Morris “Moe” Cleveland might be smaller than the other members of his team, but size, in his case, certainly matters. He can fit in places his counterparts can’t and his body is wiry, streamlined and fast. The prefect choice when it comes to proportional matches. Thankfully, his new client is nine inches shorter than him. Assigned to protection duty for a rich man’s daughter seems a waste of his skills. But he’s getting paid well for babysitting duty and wouldn’t complain. At least he isn’t dodging bullets in the Middle East. Instead, he’s dodging his growing feelings for the feisty redhead.

The Client
When her little brother died of lukemia, Breely's parents hovered over her, refusing to let her do things for fear of losing their only living child. Breely rebelled against the suffocation, moved off the family ranch and into her own place in Eagle Rock. She lives a double life. By day she's the face of Brantt enterprises, managing her father's philanthropic ventures. At night she moonlights as Bea, the feisty waitress at the Blue Moose Tavern. Breely made a vow to herself to live a real life, not one cocooned in bubble wrap, protected from every which way the wind might blows.

When she's targeted by kidnappers, she is forced to accept help from a regular at the bar who, with his Brotherhood Protectors team’s blessing is assigned as her bodyguard. As Breely’s world goes sideways, she learns she might live longer if someone with mad combat skills has her back. Surrounded by danger, she finds safety, warmth and heart in her protector’s arms.
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