When Love Sparks at Christmas: A Historical Regency Romance Collection

Lucy Langton

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When Love Sparks at Christmas: A Historical Regency Romance Collection by Lucy Langton

Three of our best-selling Regency romance stories!

Delightful romances full of emotion, drama, action, plot twists, and of course, love!

A Duke's Lustful Christmas
Abigail Andrews’ favourite time of the year finds her working as a maid in the manor of Ezra Haddington, the so-called “Demon Duke”. Ezra’s childhood demons have made him a prejudiced man who hates Christmas and has sworn himself to never marry. However, an encounter with Abigail will immediately awaken his well-hidden desire and a forbidden game of seduction will begin. However, as their common lives inflame their mutual attraction, a wicked man with an angelic face will lark to steal their happiness away... Can their flaring romance prevail against a painful past and save Christmas, or will their love disappear forever as an ephemeral winter snowflake?

The Merriest Debutante Season
Harriet Bromley is thrilled to spend the Christmas holidays with her cousin Jemma, at her country house. Yet, when she tries to bond with her slightly distant cousin at the upcoming party, she finds herself oddly intrigued by the vexatious host, Earl Clayton Stockton. While Clayton’s forced retreat to the countryside seemed like a necessary evil, his eventful encounter with Harriet slowly makes him discover life’s richest and most magical colours. As time passes, Clayton and Harriet secretly wish to spend their time together, but dangerous challenges threaten to turn their magical affection into agony if a miracle does not take place... With Christmas getting closer, can the two finally let their feelings for each other flourish beyond their uncertainty?

A Lady's Christmas Fairytale
Ever since her husband died, Lady Anne Gladstone locked herself out of the world. As Christmas draws near, she is pushed to put her mourning clothes aside and give love a second chance. However, her fragile heart will bloom again, with the fateful arrival of the new gardener, Anthony Smith. Anthony’s need for a new life with his son led him to Anne’s doorstep, but he never expected to meet someone able to fill his heart’s void, with feelings he thought to be gone. As their heartbroken past and their children create a strong bond between them, their social status and an unforeseeable incident shake up again their lives. Will Anne and Anthony put their mistrust and trauma behind? Could a Christmas miracle bless them with the gift of true love?

If you love Regency romances that feature strong women of the era and determined, yet charming, male protagonists, then you are going to love this collection!

Each book features a standalone sweet story of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happily ever after.

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