Lavina's Christmas Miracle

Naomi Troyer

4.67 ·
[?] · 3 ratings · Published: 13 Dec 2022

Lavina's Christmas Miracle by Naomi Troyer

A tale of loss, hardship and hope – at Christmas.

The Schrock sisters lost their mother only a few months ago.

As the new head of the family, Lavina realizes more debt than she can imagine. They all face a very bleak Christmas season this year.

When the youngest, Daisy, reveals their problems and poverty to a perfect stranger, Lavina is horrified, but little did she know this man would come to mean more to her family than she could ever expect.

At first Eli comes by the Schrock home to offer help with chores, but he soon falls for Lavina.

Lavina is resistant to his charm, so Eli tricks her into their first buggy ride. With Christmas approaching, Eli vows to make it a good one for the sisters and to steal Lavina’s heart.

Enjoy this sweet Amish romance that will remind you that for some, Christmas is a difficult time of year. It will open your heart and make you believe in Christmas miracles once again.

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