Freak Bloodline: A Sci-fi Fantasy Romance

Tamara Holub

4.00 ·
[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 20 Dec 2022

Freak Bloodline: A Sci-fi Fantasy Romance by Tamara Holub
Jaynie Parker sees things other people can’t. But she couldn’t foresee the adventure of a lifetime, twenty-seven light years from Earth. Jaynie has no idea her psychic ability is the key to other dimensions, and that higher forces have been carving out her fate in alien realms. Not until she’s abducted by Ethan, an alluring alien hybrid with a dark past, does she learn the truth of a haunting family tragedy. On the faraway planet, Limaxia, Jaynie discovers her true power in a mystical rainforest world, and she must confront her attraction to the one man who controls her destiny. With her psychic ability unleashed, she turns the tables on everyone who underestimated her.
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