The Mage and Her Mates: The Source's Magic Book Two

Stephanie Lynn

4.00 ·
[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 12 Feb 2023

The Mage and Her Mates: The Source's Magic Book Two by Stephanie Lynn

Sybil's close to perfect world is about to come crashing down. Sure, she may be estranged from her parents, her brother is locked in a prison tower and her adopted sister is the beautiful, powerful Source of all magic, but she has her bakery and her side business and six Guardians who have become de facto brothers.

When the Source and her mate Guardians leave Sybil in charge of the lands they care for, the talented mage realizes quickly just how lonely she really is. Soon, four sexy shifters come knocking on the door with a wildly unbelievable story of an entire town possessed, finally giving Sybil a way to prove herself, and also fulfilling her dream of finding her own men to love.

But as she navigates her relationships, along with a deadly mystery, she and her maybe mates just might be in over their heads.

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