Noble Hearts on Fire: A Historical Regency Romance Collection

Lucy Langton

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Noble Hearts on Fire: A Historical Regency Romance Collection by Lucy Langton
Six of my best-selling Regency romance stories!

Delightful romances full of emotion, drama, action, plot twists, and of course, love!

The Duke's Tempting Bride
When Lord Fitzwilliam Mavis' solitude gets unbearable, he knows he needs to find a wife. Thankfully, destiny brings him close to Miss Diana Casey, a rather unconventional and assertive young lady. Soon, Diana is ready to go where fate takes her and leave everything behind for this handsome, honourable widower. But how much could a suffering soul offer to a tempting woman? The Duke's flaring passion for Diana is undeniable, but there's still something that holds him back. Will he dare to offer his bruised heart as well as his body?

Too Scandalous to Marry a Duke
After losing her mother Nicolette De Burgh had to suffer her father’s new marriage and her new stepsister, who was hopelessly jealous of her. Things turn worse when Nicolette meets her stepsister’s childhood friend and eligible heir, Eric Masters. As Eric is immediately captivated by the fiery Nicolette, a burning romance sparks between them. Will the cunning stepsister manage to destroy their irresistible affair? Will Eric and Nicolette pursue their flaming passion, or will their love burn into ashes?

A Bewitching Lord of Her Own
After her father’s loss, Ada Taylor became a lady’s companion to two noble women. Yet, this gets her trapped in an unexpected affair with the wicked Lord Flynt Statham, who has to marry Ada to save his inheritance and reputation. As Ada’s pure heart collides with the Duke’s scandalous nature, their passionate affection grows. However, Flynt’s troubled past appears in the form of his first wife, whom he cannot recall ever marrying. Will Ada and Flynt find out the truth and trust each other or will their lust vanish forever before it even begins?

A Lady's Touch of Sin
Being involved in a scandal, Marta Schnitzler must find the best suitor to save her reputation. While Marta tries to escape her future misery, she meets Baldwin Terrence, a successful gentleman and heir to his ducat. As an electrified connection burns between them and their lustful tale unfolds, Marta will be conquered by several suitors and soon her sinful past will come to haunt their romance. Will their flaming match prove to be strong enough to shatter every obstacle in their way or will it be torn down by society's necessities?

To Tempt a Dashing Lord
With no dowry Miss Catherine knows she will never marry. Everything changes though, after meeting Lord Kingston, who’s in need of a wife to help him raise his nephew after his brother's passing. While he sees the perfect bride in Catherine, he doubts his decision to marry someone he is attracted to, but barely knows. Torn between their burning desire and higher aspirations, will they regret their decision to marry, or will it turn out to be greater than they could ever imagine?

Desiring a Forbidden Lady
Harmony Chance is thrilled about her first Season in Town. Her cousin, on the other hand, feels devastated about her arranged marriage to the seductive Lord Daniel Mavis who soon sets Harmony’s heart on fire. As he also gets enchanted by her, he vainly tries to push her away and fulfil his family duty. Caught between an arranged marriage and a wicked antagonist lord, will they choose to risk it all for a lust too overwhelming to resist? Or will this undeniable passion be buried once and for all?

If you love steamy Regency romances that feature strong women of the era and determined, yet charming, male protagonists, then you are going to love this collection!
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