What Happens At Camp...

Bethany L. Wilson

4.00 ·
[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 18 Feb 2023

What Happens At Camp... by Bethany L. Wilson
Kristin had heard about the mysterious “Camp” in Maine for years and has finally been chosen to go! She knows people came back either damaged, exhilarated, or both. Her excitement bubbles over when she meets Brennan.

But their potential for love is threatened when horrible events begin to happen, even on the very first night. They aren’t safe from the awful circumstances, either.

Kristin and Brennan never imagined this would become a real-life horror movie so quickly. They team up with other campers and staff to stop the terrible crimes that are plaguing the once-peaceful getaway. Will they survive? Or will they become victims, too?

CONTENT WARNING: This novel explores aspects of trauma. It contains depictions of sex, assault, sexual assault, rape, death, graphic language, and mention of suicide. Please use discretion.
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