The Secrets That You Keep (Haven House #1)

Chloe I. Miller

4.50 ·
[?] · 2 ratings · Published: 28 Feb 2023

The Secrets That You Keep by Chloe I. Miller
Nestled deep in the endless pine forests and powder white dunes of the Gulf Coast sits a place like no other. A home where secrets are safe and family is everything.

Welcome to Haven House.

Evangeline Eddins despises change, preferring to live a life of routine safely inside the walls of Haven House. But when the sanctity of her home is violated, Evie has to accept that things can’t always remain the same. This includes her relationship with Samuel Fairweather, the man once meant to become her stepbrother.

The pair’s love-hate relationship reaches a turning point as evidence found in a string of serial homicides leads authorities straight to their already fragile family. With the FBI at the door, and their tumultuous past returning to haunt them, Samuel and Evie must decide which secrets to tell and which to keep before it’s too late.

Set against the history of Haven House, told in the voices of four uniquely different women, this twisted tale of love and betrayal reminds us that perspective is everything and avoiding one's destiny is never truly possible.
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