Vintage Hearts: A Sweet Friends-To-Lovers Small-Town Romantic Comedy (The Sweet Hearts Rom-Com #1)

Ellie Hartwood

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[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 28 Feb 2023

Vintage Hearts: A Sweet Friends-To-Lovers Small-Town Romantic Comedy by Ellie Hartwood
Things can’t possibly get worse than your boyfriend dumping you for a French baguette. Right?

When Bree Carlyle's boyfriend leaves for Paris, taking the rent money with him, all she has left are boxes of old books, a worn-out bookmark, and a gift from her friendly, pothead neighbor. Desperate for a place to lick her wounds, Bree heads to her family's once-thriving Napa vineyard. After all, where better to drown her sorrows than a small town with lots and lots of alcohol?

Gideon Donnelly is a sheriff's deputy with eyes on a law career . . . and on his teenage crush, Bree. He's hot stuff, knows his way around fine wine, and can’t say no to a pretty face, be it human or canine. He's also a man with secrets. Something Bree can relate to.

When Bree and Gideon cross paths after years of no contact, sparks begin to fly. But Bree has sworn off men.

Can a quirky BFF, a not-yet-housebroken Golden Retriever, and a sexy old friend help Bree get her life back on track and turn sour grapes into fresh-squeezed, newfound love?
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