In the Shadows: A paranormal reverse harem romance (The Shadow Seeker #1)

Dara Dark

3.00 ·
[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 11 Mar 2023

In the Shadows: A paranormal reverse harem romance by Dara Dark
One woman. Five frustratingly hot afterlife rulers. A growing evil that threatens her newfound idea of heaven.

Death is just the beginning.

My untimely trip to the afterlife gets way more interesting after I meet the five hot rulers who lead over the realms.
They serve to protect all souls in the afterlife from the darker souls who reside in Shadowland: the place where serial killers, terrorists, and other assorted evil humans go after death.

But a growing evil in Shadowland threatens the other realms and somehow I’m supposed to help the realm rulers to stop it. Their training methods are –unconventional—and yet I can’t seem to get enough.

I must find the courage to stop hiding in the shadows and step up to help them save the afterlife—before my personal heaven is destroyed forever. I'd thought death would involve rainbows, puppies, and harp-playing angels.

I was dead wrong.

(Also available on Kindle Vella episodes #1-24)

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