Unfinished Business

Natasha Carter

4.00 ·
[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 11 Mar 2023

Unfinished Business by Natasha Carter
Do we ever really move on from the one that got away?

Charissa Collins is a newly published author who embodies both strength and vulnerability. She embraces her sexuality and isn’t afraid to go after anything she wants.

At her first book signing, she runs into her old flame, Robert Lockland. The magnetic pull between them is irresistible, but the pain from their past runs deep. Then, Charissa connects with a warm and intriguing stranger named Tristen Mickelson, who helps her forget her long-lost lover – for a little while.

Charissa finds herself in an unconventional situation that makes her question everything she’s ever believed about relationships. She struggles to make a choice, uncertain if either option will fulfill her desires – or if she really needs to choose at all…
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