Secrets and Ruin (Jacky Leon #9)

K.N. Banet

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Secrets and Ruin by K.N. Banet
Dirk, my werewolf nephew, is going home.

Sending Dirk back to his father is complicated, but I have to do it. Even if it’s for a short time, I know that father and son need to talk about what’s changed between them. They need to talk about what the future holds for both of them. One year. That was how long we wanted to keep his new status as a werewolf as secret as possible, before we involved the family. That one year is up, and now, it’s time to face the music. Niko is only the start.

However, secrets are insidious things. They can stay hidden for decades, even centuries. Dirk and I kept have been keeping several, but we’re not the only ones. When too many secrets finally come to light, we’ll be left standing in the ruins of more than one family.

It’s too late to stop this, but I’m Jacky Leon and I’ll be damned if the secrets of generations past ruin the family I’m building in the present.
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