Endless Terrors (Fortuna Sworn #5)

K.J. Sutton

Rated: 4.00 of 5 stars
4.00 · Steam/Spice level: 4 of 5
Explicit open door [?] · 3 ratings · Published: 17 Aug 2023

Endless Terrors by K.J. Sutton
Every child had a monster in their closet. Not every child opened the door and slaughtered it.

To protect the ones she loves, Fortuna has left behind everything familiar and dear.

She can't let down her guard. She can't rest. She can't stop moving. Not if she doesn't want her ever-growing abilities to be used as a catalyst for a monster's entrance into the world.

After everything she's been through, Fortuna thought she knew death. She believed herself well-acquainted with betrayal. Then, in her determination to keep surviving, she stumbles upon one more secret. One more answer to a question she’s been asking for over a decade.

One more truth that might actually succeed in completely shattering her.
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