Where there's a Will: An Oldcastle stand alone cosy romance

Tia Brown

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Where there's a Will: An Oldcastle stand alone cosy romance by Tia Brown
Alison is cool, calm, collected and dedicated to her career at an auction house in the beautiful little Dorset town of Oldcastle. Sean is a dot-com millionaire who sold out at just the right moment, brash, aggressive and used to getting what he wants. They’re thrown together when they’re left the auction house and have to deal with the previous owner’s family as well as the condition of the will being that they have to increase the turnover by ten per cent in a year.

They say that opposites attract, but will Sean notice Alison when the ice-cool Lauren and the seductive Tanya are around? They’re the previous owner’s nieces and may well be up to no good. Can Alison trust her instincts professionally and personally, or is she heading for more trouble than she can handle? And is that long-missing sketch of a beautiful Monet too good to be true?

They also say ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ This time they might be better to say ‘where there’s a will, there’s trouble and hope and chaos and, just maybe, a happy ending.’
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