The Rook (The Twisted Kingdoms #2)

Frost Kay

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4.06 ·
[?] · 20 ratings · Published: 25 Aug 2020

The Rook by Frost Kay
The Dark Court is no place for a lady.

After tricking the king, Tempest has finally won her prize - a place on the king's council - but it comes with a steep price. The monarch wishes for her to once again infiltrate the Jester's Dark Court and crush the remaining rebellion.

Trapped between her kingdom and her honor, she throws herself into the task, determined to discover her true enemies. Slipping into her role as the Jester's fiery plaything and personal assassin comes with an ease that terrifies her.

The charming and dangerous shapeshifter and his world of eternal night tempts her to forget her purpose. But Tempest is no man's pawn. Her destiny was never to sit back passively.

She makes her own path. Even if it's painted with blood, strewn with bodies, and scattered with the pieces of her broken heart.

Enter the world of the Twisted Kingdoms at your own risk where monsters wear pretty masks, good and evil are at war, and fairy tales don't exist. If you love fiery heroines, sexy villains, enemies-to-lovers romance, pulse-pounding action, mafia undertones, and dark fairy tale retellings, you need to discover the new series readers are comparing to books by Holly Black, Leigh Bardugo, Meagan Spooner, Sarah J Maas, Emma Hamm, Brandon Sanderson, Melanie Cellier, and Audrey Grey.
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