Knights of Past (Transfusion #13)

Stephanie Hudson

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4.75 ·
[?] · 11 ratings · Published: 19 Apr 2023

Knights of Past by Stephanie Hudson
The dust of Battle has settled over the Land.
War cries of victory are Echoed throughout Hell.
And now I can get back to my life of Lego and Star Trek,
With one big difference,
I now have a King to share it with.

But it seems as if Fate had a different idea for me,
And any plans for peace are shattered with the strength of my dreams,
Nightmares of one last foe I must face.
For the Wraith Master still haunts me and the vow I made even more so.

Now I must choose to walk the path of peace,
or the path of a promise once made.
A promise that will lead me to a place unknown,
One not even Lucius can save me from.
Not when he is the enemy.
In this,
Knights of Past.
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