Escaping Shadows (Shadows Landing #10)

Kathleen Brooks

Rated: 4.74 of 5 stars
4.74 ·
[?] · 10 ratings · 287 pages · Published: 25 Apr 2023

Escaping Shadows by Kathleen Brooks
Kordell King might act as if nothing ever bothers him, but this small-town sheriff’s deputy knows something isn’t right and it’s eating him up. The cute bartender he’s longed for since she first moved to town is hiding something—something she doesn’t want anyone to know.

Georgina Grey wasn’t who she said she was. Her real last name was Greyson. As much as her family ruled Martha’s Vineyard and the world of pharmaceuticals, she was just Georgie here in Shadows Landing. And that was how she was going to stay . . . until her family found her.

Trusting Kord with the truth gave Georgie more than an assurance that her potential death wouldn’t be in vain. It gives her a partner—someone to help protect her as she stands against the storm. However, it also puts a target on Kord’s life when he refuses to leave her to fight alone.
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