Wild Cowboy: A Secret Baby Romance (Storm Canyon Cowboys #3)

Riley Ash

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Wild Cowboy: A Secret Baby Romance by Riley Ash
A Secret Baby Romance

Everyone calls me the "Wild One" out of the Briggs brothers, and I can own that title.
But after a short stint in a Denver jail due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I'm at my father's beck and call and I don't like it. One bit.
He has me on a fool's errand to find out what the Winchester's, our rival family, are hiding in the mountain property they own.
Is it gold? Oil? Valuable metals?
All I find is a beautiful woman who is holding a secret and although I've taken an oath not to be a father due to the only example I've ever had being what I don't want to turn into.
But that might change.
Sutton is scared, hardened by past men, and yet, she's willing to take a chance on me.
Can I be the man that stands up when another one didn't or will my father revoke my bail and send me packing when he finds out that I'm sleeping with the enemy? *** One feud. Two families- the Briggs' and the Winchesters. And everything standing in the way of love.
Welcome to Storm Canyon, Colorado. It's ranch country in the Rocky Mountains, but in these parts the only thing that's more important than family is who owns what and how much. A small town home to the Briggs brothers, Colt, Wyatt, and Beau.
Their only tasks in life are to protect the family name and fortune, and to make sure the Winchesters don't get ahead, but that means ignoring their own needs. When the right woman comes into view, they'll have to decide if loyalty or love will win?
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