Matchmaker in Time Series Books 3-4 (Matchmaker #3-4)

Stephanie Flynn

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Matchmaker in Time Series Books 3-4 by Stephanie Flynn
*Series Complete!*

Days to Hide
Thrust back in time, she’s on a mission to save a good man turned bandit. Joining the notorious outlaws isn't part of the plan.

Becca Wagner quits her job after her ex-husband flaunts his new life at her desk. Before she can beg for her job back, Becca's asked to participate in a dream study with promises of healing. Eager for any distraction, she accepts, but she's given an unusual task: Convince a farmer to accept a crooked sheriff's deal, otherwise he will be killed.

In 1854 Wisconsin, farmer Jonathan Arris turned bandit and carries the burden of guilt. Quitting isn't an option--the bandits murder anyone who escapes. When a frustrating woman inserts herself in his business, it'll take everything he's got to keep them both alive. And when the woman steals his heart, he finally finds a reason to fight back.

Years to Savor
She has a stalker. He has an ex-wife. Torn apart by time, will the friends rekindle their relationship, or will their enemies doom them first?

Kiko Takai wrote a stack of romance novels during her century of matchmaking through time. After reentering the human world, her quest to find a publisher lands her in her best friend's lap--the one she'd abandoned seven years ago. Although thrilled to be reunited, she's heartbroken he's married.

Eric Woodson is the vice president of finance at his father's trade publishing house and success follows him everywhere, except in love. Eric is still fixated on what he forged and lost with Kiko, who vanished seven years ago, so his jealous wife tosses him divorce papers. When the one woman he could never have reappears, Eric is determined to break the friend zone. But when they bump into the man who killed his best friend—her husband, Eric will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

If you love sizzling romance, edge-of-your-seat action, time travel, swoon-worthy heroes, and sassy ladies in a small town setting, you'll love Stephanie Flynn's dramatic historical adventure books. Each is a standalone with guaranteed HEA, but an overarching narrative. Best if read in order. MINUTES TO LIVE, the prequel, has NO HEA. Kiko gets hers in book 4.

Grab your copy today and escape into the dangerous time travel romance adventure finale!

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Matchmaker in Times Series Books 3-4
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