Immortal Protector First Trilogy (Immortal Protector #1-3)

Stephanie Flynn

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Explicit open door [?] · 0 ratings · 936 pages · Published: 25 Jul 2023

Immortal Protector First Trilogy by Stephanie Flynn
Gather your vervain for a pulse-pounding series with bite!

Vampire's Deception


As a first responder, I'm on the front line to a string of suspicious animal attacks, and I'm the next victim. In a delirium, I must drink my irresistible rescuer's blood or die. His hidden world sucks me into a dangerous vortex of enemy factions, and I don’t know who to trust. But my heart pulls me into Oliver’s arms, and if I can’t resist, it’ll kill me.

My estranged brother leaves a trail of bodies, and a stab of guilt has me calling rescue services for his latest victim. A familiar beautiful woman responds, and she's wearing my long-lost weapon. When she denies knowing anything about its origins, fascination is an understatement, and I don't believe in coincidence. I will seduce it off her and disappear to keep myself safe from her true nature. But a stirring I haven't felt in over a century has me promising to keep her alive, even if she's my mortal enemy angry at my deception.

Vampire's Secret


I'd rather spend all day in bed with my vampire boyfriend who has serious endurance, but I have a new partner to meet and a family meeting with Dad, who betrayed me with his medical research. Except my new partner is the last person I expected—wholly unqualified, I might add, and when Oliver's right about my safety, I told you so, doesn't even come close to how much pain he causes me.

A vampire paramedic? I'm probably not the first. Since Daisy's life has been a series of close calls, becoming her new EMS partner is an easy choice. When my suspicions are confirmed, another vampire is on the loose, old enemies and new betrayals tear us apart. The only way to keep Daisy safe is to stay away from her. If the pain of leaving her doesn't kill me, then the secret of what her dad did to me will.

Vampire's Promise


My vampire boyfriend treats me to a lovely fine dining experience I never dreamed possible with my bank account balance, and when Oliver is deep into what's clearly a dreamy proposal, my magic breaks free from its confines. All I can think about is killing him, regardless of the collateral damage of innocent people around me. Somehow I have to break this witchy DNA or die trying, because I can't live without Oliver.

I'd known the lock on her magic was temporary, but the explosion during my proposal is unexpectedly too soon. I promise I will get the woman I love back, but I don't know how to do it without killing both of us. And my biggest fear is realized when ghosts from her past arrive and force something so despicable on her that I'll risk everything to save her life and prevent a hidden-world war, and a repeat of history.

A steamy paranormal romance series featuring a charismatic, rich, smoking hot bad boy with a heart of gold, the woman he protects from his mortal enemies, who has secrets of her own, and a gritty hidden world of feuding vampires, witches, and elves in small town Marinette, Wisconsin. Perfect for fans of The Vampire Diaries and angsty supernatural soap operas!

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