House of Shifting Tides (The Kingdom of Crows #4)

Olivia Wildenstein

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House of Shifting Tides by Olivia Wildenstein
Dive into the first standalone spin-off of the bestselling series and Booktok sensation, The Kingdom of Crows. Cathal's story takes place right after the events of House of Striking Oaths and should be read in order.


I was reborn with no memory of my previous life and no powers, save for transforming into an aberration most wish eliminated. Among the few who don't wish me dead are my grandmother—the Shabbin Queen—Fallon and her mate Lorcan—the rulers of Luce—and Cathal Báeinach—Fallon’s father and my self-appointed sentry.

Despite my best efforts, I cannot understand why the Crow King’s boorish general has decided to guard me, a woman he can barely stand to look at. I may lack education and be physically unpleasing, but do I deserve such scorn? More importantly, though, if he's repulsed by me, then why stay?

When I suggest he leave, he reminds me that he's one of the most lethal males in the realm. And while he may be that, he's also one of the most infuriating. A male who makes my blood run hot with equal measure irritation and lust.

Why must I be drawn to the brute who loathes me?

And why, when I forge a magical mind link to another male, must I keep hungering for the Crow who—finally—left?

House of Shifting Tides is a spellbinding tale of destiny, found family, and second chance romance, where blood isn’t always thicker than water and where fated love consumes all.
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