Vampire's Demand (Immortal Protector #4)

Stephanie Flynn

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Open door [?] · 0 ratings · Published: 26 Sep 2023

Vampire's Demand by Stephanie Flynn
The last female elf, on the run for centuries, pulls into a sleeper town full of enemies. But a charming human might be the one to finally save her.


On the hunt for a witch before the spell protecting me wears off, I follow a tip to a bar, but all I find is an attractive human day drinking and holding information hostage. The price? A fake date. Although I’m not interested in humans and I can’t stay in town for long, the deal seems innocent enough. But when an elf comes sniffing too close, I have to keep to the shadows until my spell is renewed, because if I’m discovered, what I’ve been running from for five centuries will come true. And if my sweet human, Soren Rockwell, finds out what I am, I’ll have to flee or die trying.


Keep the supernatural world hidden at all costs—my brother’s rule. But when an old enemy breaks it and stakes me at my own party, keeping my strength and healing ability secret is the least of my troubles when my beautiful—and stubborn—fake date comes to my rescue. It was never going to work with me being an immortal monster and her being an innocent human, but now she needs my help. If it means getting revenge on the elf, I’m all in. Fighting my feelings for a human might be my biggest battle yet, but I’ll fight for her, even if I don’t deserve her.

This next trilogy is a slow-burn paranormal romance, featuring a charismatic, smoking hot bad boy with a heart of gold, a strong woman hidden under centuries of fear, and a gritty hidden world of feuding vampires, witches, and elves in small town Marinette, Wisconsin. Perfect for fans of The Vampire Diaries and supernatural soap operas!

1-Click and gather your vervain for a pulse-pounding series with bite!
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