Wait For U (Crenshaw Kings #2)

Shvonne Latrice

Rated: 4.68 of 5 stars
4.68 · Steam/Spice level: 5 of 5
Explicit and plentiful [?] · 11 ratings · 433 pages · Published: 30 Aug 2023

Wait For U by Shvonne Latrice
Things in life are never for certain, but one thing that will always be a constant is the love between star-crossed Couture and Khari.

Couture Yates has always followed life's rules by the book, never once rebelling until she met Khari Compton. The handsome but tortured young boy who immediately stole her heart, only to misuse and abuse it time and time again. Nothing or no one could ever pry her from his grasp, not even his own mother, until tragedy struck, changing the course of her and Khari's lives as they knew it. With such devastation looming over their once troubled but hopeful relationship, Couture often struggles to move past it no matter how much she tries. And when she learns that Khari still believes in the life they both once dreamed of, she realizes he may have been the man for her at one point in time but not so much anymore.

Khari Compton, the once reckless, hot-headed, ladies boy is now a successful, rich, famous, and handsome grown man. Though years have gone by and the women beckoning for his attention have multiplied, his heart still belongs to his teenage love, Couture. Only now, he has tunnel vision so solid, that any woman attempting to penetrate it is simply wasting their time; which he has no problem verbalizing to them himself. So it's no surprise that when Couture hits the ground running, he is all too willing to catch her and all too willing to prove to her once and for all there is no one better for them than each other.

But with fiancés, fake and real, in the mix, along with jealousy, powerful adversaries, and longtime critics of their relationship, the two find themselves on a difficult road to rekindle.

In this story of second-chance love, secrets, and redemption, you will witness how a teenage love so intense and so concentrated can stand the test of time, battles, and some formidable forces.

*This is a standalone novel, however it is a follow up to The Marriage Favor.
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