Kingdom of the Forgotten (Witch Walker #4)

Charissa Weaks

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[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 28 Nov 2023

Kingdom of the Forgotten by Charissa Weaks
Murderous gods, forbidden romance, unlikely allies—and a woman torn between a past she doesn’t belong to and a future she can no longer see. Kingdom of the Forgotten is the fourth installment in Charissa Weaks’ Witch Walker series, a romantic epic fantasy tale that will leave you breathless.

Raina Bloodgood never imagined existing during an era reigned by gods, much less falling back in time to a divided, warring continent. But after a cataclysmic meeting near the City of Ruin, that’s exactly where she lands, in an age known only from history and legend, imprisoned by a deadly sorcerer.

Alexi of Ghent. Un Drallag. The Gatherer.

Though Raina makes every attempt to escape her nightmare as Un Drallag’s prisoner, the power that delivered her to this foreign land—along with her magick—now denies her. Trapped but far from invisible, her mysterious presence draws the attention of not only Alexi, but his malevolent king and god as well.

Soon, Raina finds herself guided by an unimaginable mentor as she navigates her lineage, her passion for a villain, and unstoppable events that leave her with a heart-wrenching divulge the truth of her circumstance to the man she’s fallen in love with all over again or abandon him to a torturous fate.

And three centuries searching for a life forgotten.
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